Las Cruces Mayor Invites El Paso Electric To Monday's Council Meeting To Explain Power Outages

Las Cruces – Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima has invited local officials from El Paso Electric to Monday's February 7th city council meeting. "I will be asking for a summary of their findings regarding the loss of generation, as well as how various areas of rolling blackouts are determined." Miyagishima said.

"I will also be asking our staff for their assessment to the city's response during this emergency and what improvements they feel can be instituted in their own plans and procedures". Said Miyagishima.

"I am glad El Paso Electric have their generation plants running again and I wish to extend my thanks to their utility workers as well, for restoring power back to our city. It appears things are getting back to normal." the mayor said.

Mayor Miyagishima praised city workers for their hard work and long hours put in during the past few days of extreme weather. "I wish to publicly thank our utility workers, switchboard operators, police, fire, public safety, senior services, various support staff and public works employees for taking care of our residents. It's been close to 50 years since our region had experienced temperatures that we sustained during the past few days and our employees performed their duties professionally and efficiently."