Las Cruces Police: Cell Phone Use Must Be "Hands Free"

Mar 12, 2014

  Las Cruces Police issued more than 120 citations in February to drivers who violated the city’s cell phone ordinance and are now concentrating their traffic enforcement efforts near the Telshor-Lohman Business District.

LCPD’s Traffic Unit issued 123 citations in February to drivers using or manipulating a cell phone in violation of the city’s ordinance, the law that bans cell phone use while driving within city limits.

The law prohibits engaging in a phone call or creating, sending and reading text messages or e-mail, or otherwise manipulating an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. The citation for violating the law carries a $92 fine.

Engaging in a conversation on a cell phone is permitted within city limits only if the driver is utilizing a hands-free device and its use does not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

LCPD Traffic motor officers will have a greater presence monitoring traffic near the Telshor-Lohman Business District. The primary focus will be along Telshor Boulevard between Foothills Road and Lohman Avenue, and from Telshor Boulevard east to Foothills Road.

Any driver seen using a cell phone, running a red light, speeding or violating any other traffic laws will be subject to a citation.