Marriage Equality Rally In Las Cruces

Mar 31, 2013

(LAS CRUCES) -- A lot of color was added to a busy intersection of Las Cruces when supporters of gay marriage held a rally outside Branigan Library.  Friends, relatives and leaders in the community are here.

Democratic representative Jeff Steinborn has cousins who are gay.

"You know it's never made any difference to me, honestly. I love those cousins and those relatives just as much as anyone else." Said Rep. Steinborn.

He says that's one reason he came to the rally.

"...and to ensure that the US constitution, that our laws allow fundamental rights to everyone in our society," said Rep. Steinborn.

A group called PFLAG advocates on behalf of gay and lesbian people and their "allies" -- those who aren't gay but still support children or friends who are.

Carrie Hamblen is on the board of the local PFLAG group.

This July will make 8 years with her partner, Char Ullman. But on paper, they're still two single women.

"Matter of fact, this morning we just refinanced our house. On the documents that Char signed, Char Ullman is a single person," said Hamblen.

Nats "Discrimination anywhere is discrimination everywhere."

Omar Narvaez works for Lambda Legal, an organization that advocates for full marriage for gay and lesbian people.
Omar wants to marry his partner of -- years where they live - in Texas.

"We've had friends that say, why don't y'all move...that not our home. What's the point of getting married in DC or New York if that's not our home

I asked him if he see's children in his future.

"We'd like to one day...we gotta get this equality stuff going. That's kindof like our child right now."

With or without children, for Carrie and Char, marriage is about basic needs for each other.
"things like inheritance, going to the hospital and having no problems about making decisions about each other."

Carrie says things are changing. She noticed it when char had to sign those papers as single.

"The person who was our title officer apologized for that. He said I'm really sorry that we can't put that you're a married person on here."

Rep. Steinborn says things may change so much, that the state capitol won't have much to say on the issue next year.

"This issue is evolving so quickly, this may be a moot point come next January in the state of New Mexico," said Rep. Steinborn.

The Las Cruces rally was held Thursday evening.