Martinez Raises $828,000 For 2014 Re-Election

Oct 9, 2012

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez reports raising more than $800,000 in the past six months for her 2014 re-election campaign.

According to a finance disclosure filed Tuesday, the governor's campaign committee had a cash balance of $1.2 million as of Oct. 1.

The re-election campaign collected $828,100 in contributions and spent about $62,200 since April.

Among those contributing $10,000, the maximum amount for the primary and general elections, were Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway; Mosaic Potash, which operates a mine at Carlsbad; BEPCO, a Fort Worth, Texas-based oil and natural gas producer formerly known as Bass Enterprises Production Co.; and Sundance Services, which operates an oilfield waste disposal facility near Eunice. Sundance owner Arif Mussani contributed $5,000.

Carlsbad businessman Scott Gregory contributed $10,000 as did Larry Gregory, a Carlsbad rancher.

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