Meet the Members of the Tour

Out of 13 original group members, only 9 remain. They come from around the country and the world to bike the Southern Tier Route.

The 8 other members of this group of adventurers come from all over the world and the United States. From Germany and Scotland and places throughout the United States, the 7 men and two women have worked together as a group to encourage eachother to ride on to their destination of St. Augustine, Florida. Here, you can meet the other group members who are traveling with KRWG's Tammy Schurr on thier 3000-plus mile journey across the southern half of the United States.

Heather Andersen

Occupation: Currently she's the Tour Leader, Southern Tier Route, former Peace Corps volunteer for the past 2 years. Background in Non Profit Management
Home: Grew up in New Jersey, lived in Washington, D.C.
Bike Trips: Been cycling all her life, traveling for the last 8 months in Southern Africa, by bicycle for the last 6 months.

Heather answers:
Her Impressions of Lesotho in Southern Africa
Where she was staying in Southern Africa
Why she stayed longer in Southern Africa
Did she have to make any adjustments coming back to the U.S.?
What was the appeal about the Southern Tier Route?
What have been some of the challenges on this trip?
How do you prepare the group for long rides?
Some words to the folks back home

Mike Leigh

Occupation: Retired Fire Chief
Home: Bellingham, WA
Bike Trips: half of the Continental divide, several Oregon trips, San Juan Islands, Utah trips.

Mike answers:
What was the appeal about this trip
What were some of the challenges he faced on this trip
Some words to the folks back home

Dick French

Occupation: Retired Systems Engineer for IBM since 1998, worked for IBM for 31 years
Home: Upstate New York
Bike Trips: Been cycling since 1985. Done three short tours, tried the Southern Tier Route last year, left at Mimbres because of food poisoning.

Dick answers:
The challenges he is facing on this trip
How he has mentally prepared for this trip
How he has physically prepared for this trip
How he approaching the rest of this trip
Hello to his family

Dirk Neubauer

Occupation: Surveyor
First Visit to the States
Home: G?strow, Germany
Bike Trips: Been riding a bike since he was 8, has ridden serious trips since 1991, mostly all over Europe.

Dirk answers:
Why Italy was his favorite country to ride through
Why he wanted to take this particular trip
Some of the challenges or worries he faced on this trip
What he would like to say to the folks back in Germany

Howard "Hal" Chamberlin

Occupation: Engineer for Digital Pianos
Home: Moved to Boston 12 years ago from North Carolina, been working in Korea for 6 years
Bike Trips: Been cycling for 30 years, touring has for the past 15 years. Northern Route in 1994, the Trans America Route in 2000.

Hal answers:
What the appeal was about this trip
Why he's been in Korea for the last 6 years
What the challenges are of this trip

Hello to the folks back home

Paul Healy

Occupation: Formerly working in High Tech, Supply Management. Quit his job to play.
Home: Sunnyvale, CA
Bike Trips: been riding since this last fall. Always been interested in trips like this. Hiked for 4 months and 1 week from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Paul answers:
What the appeal was about this trip
What some of the challenges were that he personally faced on this trip
If he's feeling the effects of the trip physically
How he feel about the upcoming 90 mile in one day trip
Hello to Sunnyvale

Keith Marks

Occupation: Doctor at Penn State University, College of Medicine.
Home: Moved in 1975 to Hershey, Pennsylvania, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa
Bike trips: Been cycling since he was a boy. Ridden from San Diego to Del Rio, Texas.

Keith answers:
what the challenges of this trip are for him
he?s learning alot about camping
Hello to everyone at Penn State and colleagues in the NICU

Ewan Scott

Occupation: Civil Servant working in Internet Technolgy, on 12 month career break. Looking to work abroad when his 12 months is over
Home: Edinburgh, Scotland
First Visit to the States
Bike Trips: Been riding since he was a kid. He?s mainly cycled to commute to jobs.

Ewan answers:
The appeal about this trip to him
How he prepared for this trip
Some of the challenges or concerns he has for this trip
Hello to the folks back home

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