Men Arrested After Alleged Rape And Beating

May 9, 2012


          Doña Ana County Sheriff’s investigators have arrested two men for allegedly holding a 22-year-old woman against her will, beating her and forcibly raping her.

            Sheriff’s deputies were called to the 100 block of County Line Rd. in Chaparral on Tuesday, May 8 after a woman called 911 and said her roommate had been raped.

            According to a report, the woman and her 22-year-old roommate met David Valverde, 23, and Jose Estrada, 23 the night of May 7 at Valverde’s home on County Line Rd. to drink alcohol and listen to music. They were introduced to the pair by a third party, whom they also met for the first time earlier that day.

            One woman left with another man to get cigarettes, after which Valverde and Estrada allegedly began to fondle the 22-year-old victim’s breasts on Valverde’s couch in the living room.

            The victim pleaded with Valverde and Estrada to stop. The report states both men allegedly continued to unclothe the victim, and then took her by her arms and escorted her to a bedroom where both men applied condoms and allegedly began to take turns raping her and forcing her to perform fellatio.

            The victim told investigators the men were communicating with each other in Spanish and she didn’t understand what they were saying or what they planned to do with her.

She also alleged that Estrada repeatedly slapped her across the face and buttocks as he continued to rape her.

            The act continued for 30 minutes, after which the victim was reportedly left half-naked in the bedroom. She told investigators she retrieved her purse and used her cell phone to call her roommate, who returned and left with the victim to call police.

            Valverde and Estrada reportedly ran into the desert when they saw sheriff’s deputies approaching the residence on County Line Rd.

   Deputies arrested Estrada and later discovered Valverde sleeping under a mesquite bush.

            Jose Estrada is charged with two counts of criminal sexual penetration, criminal sexual penetration by force or coercion, tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit a fourth-degree felony.

            David Valverde is charged with three counts of criminal sexual penetration, tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit a fourth-degree felony.

Both men are being held at the Doña Ana County Detention Center, each on a $50,000 cash-only bond.