Mesilla Officials Looking At Property Taxes

Las Cruces, NM – The property tax rate the town receives to pay for infrastructure improvements and other government operations has not changed from the sixty-nine point six cents set more than fifty years ago.

However, other portions of the tax set by the school district and state have risen with the cost of living.

Mayor of Mesilla Nora Barraza says struggles to balance the budget and bring in revenue have brought up the property tax issue.

Barraza-"Everyone has a shortfall right now in revenue and budget. The whole state of NM is in a deficit, so the town of Mesilla is trying to put all cards on the table for this session for ways to bring revenue into Mesilla."

Barraza and members of the Board of Trustees have begun to further look into the issue. Barraza says she wants to conduct work sessions to hammer out the details and get more information from other Las Cruces and Dona Ana County officials.

No specific date has been announced for the next discussion.

It would require voter approval of a referendum for a property tax increase to be imposed in Mesilla.