Navajo Case Against Urban Outfitters On Hold

May 24, 2013

The Navajo Nation's case against Urban Outfitters is on hold while the parties work toward a settlement.

U.S. District Judge Lorenzo Garcia in New Mexico has thrown out all deadlines for discovery and responses to motions while settlement discussions take place. The two sides are to agree on a mediator by July 29 and then let the court know within 10 days of a settlement conference whether they are successful.

Garcia says he'll issue a scheduling order if an agreement isn't reached.

The tribe sued Urban Outfitters last year, alleging it violated trademarks on the Navajo name.

Urban Outfitters says "Navajo" is a generic term for a style or design and has asserted counter claims. It is seeking a declaration of non-infringement and cancellation of the tribe's federal trademark registrations.

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