New Mexico Jail Releases Inmate By Mistake

Jul 24, 2013

The San Juan County Detention Center's administrator says he's embarrassed that an inmate awaiting trial on charges stemming a fatal accident was mistakenly released.

Detention center administrator Tom Havel says he accepts responsibility for the July 15 release of 44-year-old Joe Gallegos.

Havel says jail staff thought charges had been dismissed.

Prosecutors did dismiss a drug charge against Gallegos but the Daily Times ( reports that court records indicate that Gallegos remains charged with vehicular homicide and multplie other crimes.

He is accused of running over a San Juan County woman on Oct. 24 while he was high on narcotics.

A lawyer for Gallegos says his client will surrender and that Gallegos was attending his mother's funeral. She died about the same time that Gallegos was released.

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