New Mexico Secretary Of State Defends Removal Of Straight Ticket Voting Option

Jun 21, 2012

New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran is defending her decision to remove the straight ticket voting option from the general election ballot in November.  She contends that the removal is necessary because straight ticket voting is not authorized by state law.  

Despite that, New Mexico voters have historically been able to cast a straight ticket ballot and that option was available in the 2010 election.  In the 2010 November election, state records show more Democrats (23%) used the straight ticket option than Republicans (18%).


In a press release, Duran stated: “It’s important for New Mexicans to know that I have not ‘decided’to allow or disallow Straight-Party Voting,” said Secretary of State Dianna Duran, “the Legislature decided not to re-authorize Straight-Party Voting, and the Office of the Secretary of State is required to follow the law.” Secretary Duran added, “If the Legislature meets in special session and enacts Straight-Party Voting, and if that bill is then signed by the governor, we will certainly place a Straight-Party option on the ballot for the General Election.”