New Wildfire In Lincoln National Forest

Jun 21, 2014

Name:  Rogers II

Date and Time Reported:  06/21/14, 2:37 pm

Cause:  Lightning

Jurisdiction: Lincoln National Forest, Sacramento Ranger District

Location:  Lat: 32 deg, 42 min, 7.56 sec X  Long: 105 deg, 42 min, 24.85 sec (T18S, R12E, Sec 34)

General Vicinity:  About 4 miles north of Timberon, NM 

Status:  Smoke report was called in to Alamogordo Dispatch at 2:37 pm.  Estimated location of smoke – 4 miles north of Timberon.  Air attack was launched and conducted a recon flight of the area.  Smoke appeared to be coming from a snag that was burning/smoldering.  The fire is burning in an old burn scar and vegetation in the area consists of grass and brush. Current size is estimated to be 0.1 acre (one-tenth of an acre).  Firefighters will implement full suppression tactics on the Rogers II fire. 

Resources assigned:  Aerial resources (air attack) were initially assigned to the fire. Firefighters have arrived and are on scene.  A USFS Engine and five firefighters will be working on constructing a fireline around the perimeter of the fire. Some humidity and precipitation in the area have helped moderate fire behavior, which helps with the overall firefighting effort. Firefighters will be working on the fire into the evening.  The next update will be posted on Sunday (6/22/14) around mid-morning. 

No structures are threatened.