NM Officials Warn Residents Of Fire Danger

KRWG News – SANTA FE, N.M. (krwg) New Mexico fire officials say the potential for destructive wildfires is increasing around the state, and they're urging people to create defensible space around their homes.

State Forestry spokesman Dan Ware says warm and windy weather continues to dry out vegetation that's already stressed from a mild winter.

He says defensible space around homes and other structures is the best defense against wildfires in areas bordered by rangeland and forests.

Officials suggest homeowners clear out flammable vegetation and other growth within 30 feet of each structure and remove any leaves, tree needles or other dead vegetation from rooftops and gutters. They also suggest pruning trees to prevent them from acting as ladders for the flames.

Firefighters throughout southern New Mexico have been battling wildfires for the past few weeks.

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