NM Spa Gives "Breaking Bad" Cooking Classes

Jun 25, 2013

A New Mexico spa is offering classes on making bath salts that resemble the blue meth made famous by the AMC TV show "Breaking Bad."

KOAT-TV reports that the Albuquerque-based Great Face & Body is offering the BaD Cooking Class on weekends to show costumers how to cook bath salts and blue sheet candy. Both look very similar to the pure meth sold on the drama show filmed in Albuquerque.

The store owners decided to make the class open to fans after teaching journalists how to make the infamous items.

The spa sells a line of "Bathing Bad" bath salts, which are used in baths and not as illegal drugs.

"Breaking Bad" follows the fictional character Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned meth lord.

The show's final season begins in August.

Information from: KOAT-TV.

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