NMSU Observatory Opens Doors To Community

Las Cruces, NM – The open houses are held at the Clyde W. Tombaugh Campus observatory and are designed for the community to look at astronomical objects, ask questions and gather with fellow stargazers.

The community can view star clusters, double stars, planets and even galaxies. The moon it its various phases is always viewed at the observatory as well.

Astronomy department head Jim Murphy says graduate students as well as faculty will be on hand to answer questions and give presentations on astronomical events.

Murphy-"We live in a great area for astronomical interest. There are lots of beautiful and interesting objects to behold in the night sky, appreciate the physical processes that make them be present where they are, have the characteristics they have, and think about what their evolution over time might be."

Murphy says some of the telescopes are high and can be difficult to reach, but they can accommodate the public in any way.

Starting time depends on the season, the open houses start when it gets dark. The next scheduled open house is June 10th.

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