An Open Letter To Rep. Steve Pearce

Sep 23, 2017

Commentary: Yesterday morning (September 16) you, our Congressman, Steve Pearce, conducted a Town Hall Meeting in Anthony, New Mexico. You called on me. It was, indeed, the usual. I did thank you for conducting the meeting here. And then I asked very simple question," Why do you hurt us all’? Congressman Pearce, you are very knowledgeable and skillful in the ways of Washington. You could be a help to all of us, to both The United State and the local folks. If you only understood and instead of bending low, stood up tall. You could help your people rather than hurting us all. So my simple question to you, was and does still remain " WHY ? "


Why do you continue to hurt us with your stance on Immigration, DACA, Family Values, Health Care, Social Security, Environment, Climate, and our Organ Mountains among other things. You are hurting all of us. You have never, ever told us "WHY ". My question was never meant to harm you, only to find out why you chose to hurt us rather than to help us.


But to me the answer you began did sound the alarm. It was an old tale, much used up and not really pertinent to the subject. No disrespect intended, but as I heard your non reply to my question from the floor, "WHY”? I simply said sayonara and headed quickly for the door. I did not want to waste your time (or mine) today. There is always hope and so perhaps at some future date we might have the opportunity for a little chat.


For now Congressman, it is S A Y O N A R A .