Pearce Applauds Trump Healthcare Order

Oct 12, 2017

Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM 2)

Commentary: Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement after President Trump signed an Executive Order to promote healthcare choice and competition:

“Obamacare is in the process of completely collapsing, with premiums at all-time highs and double-digit hikes expected for 2018 in New Mexico. Today’s Executive Order directs agencies to develop policies that allow members of trade associations and small businesses to join together to purchase insurance plans as a group. This administrative change will increase flexibility and choice while lowering the cost of insurance plans, allowing each group to find solutions that fit their needs.  

People in New Mexico and across the nation are facing major decisions with their healthcare, with many are seeing reduced options and increased prices. Some individuals are even being forced to end their coverage, opting to pay a penalty, because costs are so high. A one-size-fits-all, federally driven system has failed to provide States and individual entities with the ability to choose. More than anything, I want New Mexico to have opportunities to thrive, and a part of rebuilding includes fixing the system so that choice, access, and freedom are once again the priority. I look forward to continuing my work to lower costs and increase options for New Mexicans.”


Today’s Executive Order directs the Secretaries of the Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Treasury, and Labor to consider revising regulations to expand short-term limited duration insurance (STLDI), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), and Association Health Plans respectively. Each Secretary has 180 days to evaluate and report back to the President on recommendations to expand choice and increase competition in healthcare markets.