Pearce Votes For Budget That Paves The Way For Tax Changes

Oct 26, 2017

Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM 2)

Commentary: Congressman Steve Pearce today voted in support of the Senate Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution which allows Congress to move forward with tax reform that will help families and create jobs.

“The current tax code drives our entire way of life. Whether you’re working to save for retirement, send your kids to college, or expand your small business, all New Mexicans deserve a fairer tax code that works to let them achieve their goals, not hold them back. New Mexico is home to some of the nation’s poorest communities who need more and better jobs. The average New Mexican works hard to provide for themselves or their families. It’s that every day, hard-working person I want to see benefit from tax reform, and that’s exactly why I voted today to pass this budget.

Passing this budget allows Congress to move forward on tax reform that can create greater opportunities for people and families in lower-income communities to be raised out of poverty. We’ll see more New Mexican small businesses thrive, more jobs become available, and, ultimately, a more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren. I will continue working with both parties to ensure tax reform provides meaningful tax relief for New Mexico families and local businesses,” stated Rep. Pearce.