Plans Approved For Museum Of Nature And Science

Las Cruces, NM – On Tuesday the Las Cruces City Council unanimously approved a contract worth over eight hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars for the first phase of construction of the Museum of Nature and Science.

The contract was awarded to Wooten Construction Company of Las Cruces for lead and asbestos abatement, as well as installation of renewable energy demonstrations.

The museum, currently located in the Mesilla Valley Mall, is moving downtown to the former Bank of the Rio Grande. The currently location doesn't allow for adequate space or expansion.

Most of the work on the building including architectural design and exhibit construction will be done by Las Cruces businesses.

Councilor Nathan small says he is proud the project is local.

Small-"I think it's fantastic that the project is moving forward. Seeing so many different local contractors who will have a key part in not only building, but designing and implementing some of the innovative things the museum team has come up with. It really shows an outstanding benefit for our community. In tough economic times to be able to have folks working on it who live here and spend their paychecks here."

Money for the project comes from grants the City has received and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

City officials expect the first phase of construction to last the next few months. The estimated date of completion for the museum is late 2012.