Republican Terry McMillan Running For District 37 House Seat

Las Cruces, NM – Democrat Jeff Steinborn has held the state representative office for district thirty-seven since 2007. On this year's general election ballot he is up against Republican Terry McMillan.

McMillan who is a an ear, nose and throat doctor and native New Mexican says his top priority for the state and district is to create jobs and balance the state budget.

McMillan-"I feel strongly that there are ways in which we can balance our budget, for which we are going to have a shortfall, without raising taxes and without letting go anymore teachers. In order to stimulate our economy we have to create an environment that is friendly to business and that's going to start with this first session by refusing to vote for any new taxes."

McMillan also says he is strongly opposed to the states practice of issuing drivers licenses to those here illegally. He says he would like to begin the process of New Mexico sorting out and removing people that are here illegally from social programs like Medicaid.

McMillan-"Our Medicaid program is a vital and necessary social program, but everyone who gets approved for services gets 100% of their bills paid. I think that that is not in the states interest or in the interest of the beneficiaries. Certainly there are some that cannot pay that and we understand that but many can. This is another way that we can streamline our government, pay out less money and give just as much service to the residents of New Mexico."

This year only lawmakers in the state House of Representatives are up for election on November 2nd. You can hear a previously aired story on Incumbent Jeff Steinborn in the Election 2010 Section of our website,