Republicans Placate Trump For Their Own Policy Goals

Jan 7, 2018

Credit (donald trump)

Commentary: We all know that Trump is a bully, needs constant praise and acts like an adult child. We don’t need the new book— “Fire and Fury” --to recognize these personal characteristics. We have observed this erratic behavior for many years. How come Congressional members of the Republican party put up with this delusional behavior—with few exceptions?

They know that Trump will sign their legislation like tax cuts for the rich; kill environment regulations that protect our air, water and land; take away health care from the most vulnerable; separate immigrant parents form their American children; and hopefully privatize Medicare, Social Security and Medicare. House Speaker Paul Ryan has been preaching this latter proposal for years.

To placate the President, Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to reopen the investigation into the Clinton Foundation and Senators Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley want DOJ to investigate the “Trump dossier” Author.  What has that got to do with the price of tea in China?

The main reason is to divert attention from the real crime here—the long history of the symbiotic relationship between Trump and his family with the Russian Oligarchs and Deutsche Bank involving money laundering, other shady deals and the 2016 Campaign.