Rubio, Martinez Stump For Heather Wilson in Mesilla

Oct 24, 2012

Two major Republican figures arrived in Mesilla Plaza Wednesday to endorse New Mexico senate candidate Heather Wilson.

The crowd gathered around the pavilion in Mesilla Plaza to hear from Gov. Susana Martinez and Florida senator Marco Rubio.

With less than two weeks away from the election, Heather Wilson is hoping for all the help she can get.

“We are now 13 days and a wakeup call away from choosing our next U.S. senator from New Mexico,” said Wilson.

While greeting supporters, Gov. Martinez said she would not accept an appointment if Mitt Romney is elected president.

“No…I’m committed to New Mexico. I will not leave this state. I have a lot of work to get done,” said Martinez.

Marco Rubio’s staff declined a brief interview, but he said this about his experience in Washington.

“When I got elected to the senate – this will happen to her as well when she gets there – you walk in this room, all these famous people you’ve been seeing for years, so-and-so that ran for president, so-and-so that was the presidential nominee, so-and-so that’s been on Face the Nation 4,000 times. You see these guys and gals and say, ‘How did I get here?’ About six months later, you look at the same group and say, ‘How did they get here?” said Rubio.

Many in the Republican Party place Rubio on their shortlist of potential nominees for president in 2016.

Bob Jeska was there and shook Rubio’s hand.

“This was a great event today…he’s gonna be our future president,” said Jeska.

Wilson trails Martin Heinrich in recent polls by about 10 points. Election Day is November 6.

John Kerry visited Santa Fe Wednesday to endorse Wilson’s opponent Martin Heinrich.