Santa Teresa Works To Fund Infrastructure

Mar 9, 2014

When Union Pacific opens a new intermodal rail facility, it will bring a lot more business through small border town of Santa Teresa.

"Rail going north and south and east and west…it's perfect location and that's why they're coming to the southern part of the state."

Gov. Susana Martinez, visiting the area recently to sign legislation, knows getting the roads ready is a big part of being open for business.

"It's a lot of traffic…"

I am standing right beside Airport Road here…not much more than a two lane highway.

Martinez acknowledged the 25-year old road needs work.

"We want it to be safe...have a turning lane, we want it to have more than one lane in each direction and so we are committed to pooling our resources from all different parts."

Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela feels the crunch to get things ready.

"We have a very short timeline in which to identify the money…we look forward to identifying the capital in which to get these critical road projects done here in the area."

The fact that her administration at least knows gives Jerry Pacheco of the Border Industrial Association some relief.

"They know the issue…local match."

Possible federal money that the governor's office mentioned will take time to come in. There's no concrete answer, as to when but Pacheco is planning it will be after Union Pacific opens.

"Probably not and so we're behind the curve in that sense…everybody knows that it's an issue…accommodating."

The last thing anyone wants to see is the small town of Santa Teresa left behind, waiting for her train to come in.