Senator Udall Works To Ban DWI Phone App

Las Cruces, NM – Last week Senator Udall sent a letter to the county's top smart phone makers including Apple, Google and Research in Motion which is the company that makes Blackberries.
Udall along with several other Senators asked the companies to remove an application from their app stores that assist drunk drivers in avoiding DWI checkpoints.
Udall says with over ten thousand deaths a year drunk driving accidents are a leading cause of traffic fatalities.
Udall-"We should be utilizing technology to stop drunk driving not make it easier. We should not be giving drunk drivers a tool to evade checkpoints putting innocent children and families at risk. We must do everything we can to ensure our roads are safe."
So far Research in Motion has agreed to remove the app from their stores.
Udall says he has yet to hear response from Apple and Google, but he says he hopes they will follow suit. He says if an agreement cannot be reached with the companies drafting legislation could be a possibility.