States, Tribes Team Up To Conserve Trout

Mar 17, 2014

New Mexico and Colorado have teamed up with Native American tribes and several federal agencies to conserve the Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

Officials signed an updated conservation agreement earlier this month. Managers hope the 10-year agreement will prevent the need for protection of the fish under the federal Endangered Species Act.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is scheduled to make a decision in September on whether to list the species.

The trout has been a candidate for listing since 2008. Biologists say threats facing the trout include competition from nonnative fish, drought, fire and climate change.

The agreement calls for the partners to maintain a brood of cutthroat trout for stocking. Streams will also be surveyed and barriers will be built to keep nonnative fish out of conservation waters.

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