Steve Pearce Comments On House Working Group Report On Border Crisis

Jul 24, 2014


Credit Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

  Today, Congressman Steve Pearce responded to the House Working Group’s presentation Wednesday of its recommendations and solutions to the national security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border.


“The address to the House GOP Conference of our working group was a response to the president’s request for nearly $4 billion in emergency funding, and addressed the national security and humanitarian crisis at our border,” said Pearce. “We need to ensure a prompt repatriation of immigrants who are not eligible for asylum, and provide the immigrants fair treatment and a fair hearing process for those who seek to stay, out of fear of returning.”


“The safety of the children remained a priority as we crafted the recommendations during the past few weeks. We met with presidents of Honduras and Guatemala, the people, and visited the most desperately poor areas of these countries during our visit. The leaders made it clear: They do not want to lose their next generation. Our recommendations include facilitating the return of families and children to their countries.”


“Many recommendations also include securing our border and assisting these countries with border security as well. We need to stem the tide and ensure safety for the children and families against human smuggling. The President needs to follow the law and secure our border to stop the surge, for the safety of all.”