Third Candidate Running For Las Cruces Mayor

Las Cruces – Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima and City Council member Dolores Connor are not the only candidates for Mayor in November. Michael Ray Huerta, a native Las Crucen and delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2008, announced his run Sunday on his Facebook page.

Here is a statement from Huerta's campaign website:

The Mayor of Las Cruces has few administrative responsibilities. Because of that, it is the primary role of the Mayor to be the chief advocate, lobbyist, spokesperson, and face of the city. Michael believes that if that's the job description, he is the best experienced and best equipped candidate to be mayor. In 2010, Michael became a winning finalist in a national speech competition sponsored by The Huffington Post and the Center for American Progress, beating out thosands of speakers from across the United States. In 2008, Michael became the youngest person of either political party to be elecetd a delegate to a National Convention. And throughout his time at The George Washington University, Michael was an award-winning attorney in collegiate Mock Trial, receiving awards at competitions sponsored by various top-tier universities. Locally, Michael was previously awarded and recognized by Civitan for his writings on US foreign policy, as well representing Las Cruces at the National Management Association's "American Free Enterprise System" conference.