Three Retain Seats In Las Cruces Municipal Election

Nov 5, 2013

It was a night for incumbents in the city of Las Cruces.  District 3 councilor Olga Pedroza and District 5 councilor Gill Sorg were both victorious by wide margins.  Incumbent municipal judge Kieran Ryan also had a resounding victory.  The closest race was in District 6, where incumbent Sharon Thomas chose not to seek re-election.  Thomas endorsed Mark Cobb.  But local realtor Ceil Levatino beat Cobb 42 to 36 percent.  Curtis Rosemond finished a distant third.

District 3:

Olga Pedroza (I)-62%

Bev Courtney-37%

District 5:

Gill Sorg (I)-54%

David Roewe-45%

District 6:

Ceil Levatino-42%

Mark Cobb-36%

Curtis Rosemond-20%

Municipal Court Judge II:

Kieran Ryan (I)-58%

Ben Longwill-41%