Turtles Available For Adoption At Las Cruces Area Shelter

Dec 17, 2013

  Six pet turtles are among the many animals currently awaiting adoption at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley.All six are red-eared slider turtles, according to shelter director Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock. Three were surrendered to the shelter after someone found them abandoned in their backyard and three were reportedly seen crawling along a street on the East Mesa before they were picked up.Red-eared slider turtles, named for the red dash on the side of their heads, are the most popular pet turtles in the U.S. and are known to live in water and also on land.The shelter is not equipped to properly provide a natural habitat for the turtles, according to Dr. Vesco-Mock.“Like any other pet at the shelter, they need to go to a good home,” said Vesco-Mock.Each turtle is available for a $15 adoption fee, which covers the costs of caring for the turtles since they were brought in last month.For more information, contact the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley at (575) 382-0018, or stop by the shelter offices at 3551 Bataan Memorial West.