A Virginia Woman Rides Her Bike Across The Country To Raise Awareness For Alzheimer's Research

Mar 27, 2014

KRWG's Anthony Moreno speaks with a woman from Virginia who is cycling across the country to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's Research.

Alzheimer’s disease has impacted many lives. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than five million in the United States are living with the disease.

Rona Altschuler of Newport News, Virginia did not even own a bike before October. However, today this former long-distance runner is on a coast-to-coast bike ride to help spread awareness and raise funds for Alzheimer’s research.

With “Rona’s Ride,” Altschuler is honoring her mother Joyce Price, who lost her life to the disease in 2011.

“Her body just shut down, and so I think about her everyday. She’s with me on this bike ride. It’s in honor of her,” says Altschuler.

Approximately 500,000 people in the United States lose their lives to Alzheimer’s disease every year.

Altschuler says that there can be a stigma to the disease that prevents people from talking about it, and she also says this is a disease that people need to discuss more.

“We talk about cancer we talk about diabetes, we talk about many diseases, and this is one we have to be upfront and honest about. It’s time to get it out of the closet. It’s the only way we will find a cure,” says Altschuler.

After arriving into Las Cruces, Altschuler was greeted by some members of the Alzheimer’s Association, New Mexico Chapter.

Maia Sideris-Dorame, Southwestern Regional Manager of The Alzheimer's Association, New Mexico Chapter says that the statistics show how many people will be impacted by the disease in the U.S.

“New fact and figures state that one person will develop the disease every sixty-seven seconds,” says Sideris-Dorame.

The Alzheimer’s Association, New Mexico Chapter continues to fundraise through different events, like “The Walk to End Alzheimer’s” which takes place on September 6th, 2014 in Las Cruces.

You can follow Rona Altschuler’s journey by visiting her blog at