Warning About Door-To-Door Sales Fraud In Las Cruces

Feb 1, 2014

  The New Mexico State University Police Department reports a group of possible criminals has been identified claiming to be selling magazines door-to-door in the housing areas of the Las Cruces campus (where a number of DACC students also live).  These individuals are using high pressure tactics, to include trying to convince students to go to ATM machines to give them cash. 

Similar past groups have taken money and never delivered the promised magazine subscriptions.  They have also been suspected in thefts from residences that have taken place in close proximity to the time they were in the area claiming to be selling magazines.

The activities of these individuals are strictly prohibited by NMSU policy, and may be criminal.  If you are approached by individuals claiming to be selling magazine subscriptions on NMSU property, please call NMSU Police immediately at 646-3311 and provide as complete a description as possible. 

Under no circumstances should you allow these individuals into your residence or provide them with any personal information nor payment.  If you believe you may have already been a victim of a crime by these individuals, please contact the NMSU Police Department and file a report.  If you provided payment via a check or credit card, you may wish to contact your bank and closely monitor your account for unauthorized charges.