White Says Texas Investments Are Politically Connected

Texas – Democrat Bill White has accused appointees of Gov. Rick Perry of pressuring Texas teacher retirement system managers to make potentially risky investments.

White alleges the moves gave state business to politically connected companies.

Perry, campaigning at Abilene Christian University, dismissed the accusations.

A 2009 government whistleblower memo released yesterday by White's campaign for governor describes a series of alleged ethical lapses and insider deals at the $100 billion Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

An external investigation into the allegations found no illegalities.

The memo also drew attention during last night's gubernatorial debate in Austin, with White saying Perry -- who did not take part in the forum -- had cronyism and mismanagement in his 10 years as governor.

Green Party candidate Deb Shafto, when asked if she could say something good about Perry's reign, said: "I can't think of anything offhand."

Libertarian Kathie Glass offered a series of one-liners. She said other than being "a pretty good shot," Perry has a failed record and did nothing but "talk and talk" about border security.

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