Will Minimum Wage Issue Work For Democrats?

Dec 29, 2013

Credit Office of the Governor

Democrats hoping to unseat Republican governors running for re-election next year are increasingly taking up the cause of a minimum wage increase.  At this point, it's unclear if this will be a central issue in the New Mexico Governor's race.  However, in 2013, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez vetoed legislation that would have meant a one dollar increase in the state's minimum wage.

Polls say minimum wage increases are publicly popular, revive the message of economic inequality that President Barack Obama wielded effectively last year and touches on the broader issue of jobs and economy that's a top voter priority.

The issue is particularly prominent in states that Obama won last year.

In Pennsylvania, candidate Katie McGinty says she's the first in a big field of Democrats vying to challenge Republican Gov. Tom Corbett to say that they support it.

Thus far the Republicans whom Democrats view as most vulnerable aren't changing their minds, and neither are the business groups that tend to back Republicans.

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