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New Mexico isn’t getting Amazon, but we can make our state more attractive for new businesses

Nov 9, 2017
Paul Gessing, President-Rio Grande Foundation

Commentary: The global ecommerce giant’s search for a second headquarters has the economic development profession in a tizzy. The fact that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque has further driven hopes up among many New Mexicans that somehow, some way, The Land of Enchantment will be picked. In fact, three separate proposals (Albuquerque, Borderplex Alliance, and Santa Theresa) were sent to the company from New Mexico.

Don’t count on New Mexico being chosen or even among the finalists.

Lily Eskelsen García-President, NEA / NEA photo

Commentary: Washington—As part of its $5 trillion tax plan giveaway to the wealthiest and corporations, the U.S. House Republican leadership bill eliminates most of the state and local tax deduction (SALT). Its elimination could blow a hole in state and local revenue to support public education and put nearly 250,000 education jobs at risk according to a detailed analysis of the impact of House Tax Bill (HR 1) on funding for public education conducted by the National Education Association.

  Commentary: Albuquerque, N.M. - Today, 30 fearless young  immigrant leaders from the NM Dream Team are participating in a nationwide action to demand Congress pass a clean Dream Act by December.  

Group Tell FCC Not To Change "Lifeline" Program

Nov 9, 2017

Commentary: Today, a diverse group of civil rights, racial justice, media, technology, library, arts, labor, Tribal Nations and consumer advocates, wrote a 

Visiting German Journalists Learn About The Border

Nov 7, 2017

Commentary: As a young international trade specialist working for the New Mexico Economic Development Department in the early 1990s, my boss sent me to Portland, Oregon for a week. My objective was to study Oregon’s trade assistance sector and to ascertain what New Mexico could learn from it. At that time, Oregon was considered innovative in its approach by locating local, state, and federal officials all under one roof in Portland’s World Trade Center, located on the banks of the Willamette River, thus fostering greater cooperation and productivity. 

Goodman: Outrageous "Fake News" In Las Cruces

Nov 5, 2017
peter goodman

Commentary: For a great example of “fake news” just read this sentence from an op-ed column in Thursday's Sun-News: “This traitorous deal was facilitated by the head of the FBI at the time — none other than Robert Mueller. ” The “deal” was Russian acquisition of a Canadian company that controlled a lot of uranium. The writer offered no supporting facts.


For “false advertising,” watch city council candidate Steve Montañez's video designed to mislead voters into thinking actor and environmentalist Morgan Freeman endorsed him.


Putting A Value On Workers Is A Tricky Game

Nov 3, 2017

Commentary: The diamond-water paradox is a problem that has long flummoxed thinkers about market economies. It arises from the observation that a useless sparkly stone that is a diamond can be worth thousands per carat, while something essential for life—water—costs only fractions of a penny per gallon.

  Commentary: Senate and House Democrats unveiled one of the critical tenets of their economic agenda, “A Better Deal” that would work to strengthen labor unions, which help to ensure a stronger, more robust economy that works for all Americans — not just those at the top. The Democrats’ Better Deal proposal comes as special interests are looking to roll back worker protections in order to maximize corporate profits.

Lily Eskelsen García-President, NEA / NEA photo

  Commentary: Today, Republican leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled a massive, $5 trillion tax plan that gives away huge tax breaks for the wealthiest and corporations, while putting middle-class families at risk of higher taxes. The plan also expands an education tax loophole that would further benefit the wealthy and allow them to set aside money for private school expenses while cutting tax deductions for the middle class. The plan also eliminates the educator tax deduction that allows educators to deduct eligible unreimbursed classroom spending up to $250.

Lujan Grisham Blasts GOP Tax Plan

Nov 2, 2017
Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Commentary: Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham released the following statement today in response to the massive tax package released by Republicans in Congress.

When Sports Can Heal

Nov 2, 2017

  Commentary: Many people in America have become disillusioned with professional sports. Whether it’s the National Football League player protests or the reaction to them by some hardened team owners, or the massive big-money contracts given to sports stars, or the personal conduct problems of many of the players, more and more in our country have soured on professional sports. And, it can be said that these are in fact some pretty good reasons for people to decide to change their minds about this form of entertainment.

Pearce Supports Republican Tax Plan

Nov 2, 2017
Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

Commentary: Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement after the House Committee on Ways and Means released the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which reforms the nation’s tax code to create better opportunities for individuals, families, and businesses to thrive:

“For months, the House has been working on legislation to reform our nation’s tax code to provide relief for small businesses, empower the middle-class, and create more jobs for hard-working Americans – Today’s bill does just that.

Trump Tax Plan Hurts Working Families

Oct 31, 2017

Commentary: While Americans around the country are bracing for President Trump and Congressional Republicans to roll out their tax plans, the consensus has been pretty clear - working families and the middle class will suffer under this disastrous policy. Trump and Republicans have been working in secret to hide what the American people already know to be true – the Republican tax plan would increase taxes on the middle class. 

See coverage from across the country:

Connor: Vote In The Las Cruces Municipal Election

Oct 31, 2017

Commentary: Why aren’t we scared for our future? 

The most recent article in NM Politics, penned by Heath Haussamen, entitled “Progressives aim for another big win in Las Cruces as Election Day nears,” should have every Democrat, Independent, Republican, or anyone concerned about the future of Las Cruces worried.  

Early learning won’t help if the kids don’t show up

Oct 30, 2017

  Commentary: Advocates for taxpayer-financed pre-K and other early childhood programs (like Rep. Javier Martinez who is by no means alone) take an “if you build it they will come” approach to their favored government program for which they wish to tap the “Permanent Fund.”

Lessons From Arizona State University

Oct 30, 2017

Commentary: Arizona State University has a reputation for innovation, styling itself as the “New American University.” Recently, a group of NMSU faculty and administrators, including yours truly and also Provost Dan Howard, traveled to Tempe to see what lessons ASU might have for NMSU.

One thing that jumps out is that ASU is a massive enterprise. It serves 100,000 students—about 70,000 in residence and another 30,000 on line—with more than 2000 faculty. Depending on how you measure these things, it is the largest University in the country.

A "Thank You" From Honor Flight Of Southern New Mexico

Oct 30, 2017
Elaine Prickett

Commentary: Honor Flight of Southern New Mexico extends our heartfelt thanks to the communities in Southern New Mexico for your kind support of our organization. Because of your generosity and commitment, our all-volunteer organization was able to take 27 WWII, Korean and Vietnam War veterans to Washington, DC in early October to visit their war memorials at no cost to them.

peter goodman

  Commentary: The state supreme court has mercifully ended the County's appeal of an adverse arbitration result; but questions persist.


The DASO deputies' union prevailed in a compulsory arbitration in August 2016. The County appealed to district court. Judge Manuel Arrieta, in a thoughtful opinion, affirmed the arbitrator's decision in January. Modern courts give great deference to arbitration results. Such results are difficult to overturn if any evidence at all supports them. 


That should have been it.


Our Broken Tax Code is Hurting the Middle Class. Trump’s Proposal Would Make It Worse

Oct 27, 2017
David Baake

Commentary: Some 71 percent of Americans believe the economic system is rigged against them.  They’re not wrong.  In recent decades, middle class wages have stagnated, even as middle class costs have risen.  Social mobility is declining:  Americans born into the lower class

Sharon Thomas

Commentary: For nearly a decade now, the city has enjoyed progressive leadership. Successes have been many--curbside recycling, substantial increase in trails and parks, renewable energy (solar on city buildings), a water reclamation plant, minimum wage increase, a renewed downtown that is giving the city back its heart. These successes have resulted in much deserved national recognition, the latest as the #1 best run city in the state and #6 best run city nationally.


Rep. Raul M. Grijalva

Commentary: Washington, D.C. – Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ) and Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) with CPC Member & House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Tax Policy Ranking Member Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) released the following statements denouncing the proposed Republican tax plan, which would harm working families, while benefiting their rich donors and large corporations.

Pearce Votes For Budget That Paves The Way For Tax Changes

Oct 26, 2017
Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM 2)

Commentary: Congressman Steve Pearce today voted in support of the Senate Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution which allows Congress to move forward with tax reform that will help families and create jobs.

Commentary: Pop quiz. Which of the following statements are true?

a.      The census is constitutionally required in order to count every person in the U.S.

b.      The census determines how much federal money—more than $6 billion—flows into New Mexico’s economy every year.

c.      New Mexicans are more at risk of not being counted by the census than are people in most every other state.

d.      The census is in jeopardy—and that puts New Mexicans in jeopardy.

Muska: Time For A Reality Check At Spaceport America

Oct 24, 2017
Dowd Muska

Commentary: One of the cruelest manifestations of illogical thinking is the sunk-cost fallacy:  The irrational belief that a bad investment will, one day, pay off, if we just hold on a little longer, has led to plenty of sorrow in the private sector. In the public sector, though, it’s taxpayers who are victimized when bureaucrats and elected officials refuse to walk away from failed projects once hailed as “economic development.”

Commentary: I recently attended the Seventh Annual EXPO MRO show in Juarez, Mexico. This annual trade fair focuses on suppliers involved in maintenance, repair, and operations. I have been going to this show since inception, when just a few companies participated to display their products/services at trade booths. During the past seven years, I have watched this show grow steadily until last year, when the parking lot was packed and an adjacent lot had to be used for parking overflow.

  Commentary: My wife and I moved to Las Cruces in 1969, after my military service in Vietnam, so that I could finish my college education.  We liked the town and decided to stay and raise a family here.  We have always taken our voting seriously but have not been very politically active otherwise.

Nachison: Alarming Nominations To Federal Courts

Oct 24, 2017

Commentary: It may be a drumphy year but I've seen few public articles addressing the apparent packing of Federal courts by an administration using just those mostly vetted by the Federalist Society.  Such is more or less silently watched by folks who know better.  Much too quiet for America’s health.  

Commentary: Antoinette Reyes is a Democrat running for Doña Ana County Commissioner in district 1. The primary election will be held June 5th 2018. She is seeking to replace Commissioner Billy Garrett, who is term limited. Antoinette is inviting all residents to attend her 3rd community event Friday, November 17th.

Lawsuit Against Abortion Provider Moves Forward

Oct 22, 2017
Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM 2)

Commentary: Albuquerque District Judge Clay Campbell ruled against a motion filed by Curtis Boyd, owner of Southwestern Women’s Options (SWWO), to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Albuquerque woman, Jessica Duran, which includes the unauthorized harvesting of her infant’s body parts for research at the University of New Mexico (UNM). This ruling will move Duran’s lawsuit forward to a trial by jury.

Simmons: An Important Choice In Las Cruces Election

Oct 22, 2017
Yvonne Flores

Commentary: Municipal elections are coming up.  Early voting at the City Hall starts on October 18.  November 7 is Election Day.  Some very important decisions will be made by the City Council in the next few months and we need a strong District 6 councilor who will make the right decisions.  Yvonne Flores is that person.