Local news and weather for Las Cruces, El Paso, Alamogordo, Silver City, Ruidoso, Anthony, Cloudcroft, Deming, Truth or Consequences, Elephant Butte, and all of Southern New Mexico and Far West Texas.

Las Cruces, NM – The race for Dona Ana County commissioner, District Two, has tightened up. The incumbent has now dropped to third place with the county clerk waiting for the results from one more precinct. Bob Mitchell reports.

Las Cruces, NM – Firefighters are still trying to combat the northeastern New Mexico Peppin fire even as it rages beyond containment lines.

Las Cruces, NM – Early primary voting and a survey of polling sites indicates low voter turnout in Southern New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM – On June first at 7:00am polling locations will be open throughout the state. In Southern New Mexico the highest profile race belongs to the Democrats. This election will determine who will face Freshman Republican Congressman Steve Pearce in November. KRWG's Michael Olson reports on the final moments of the Gary King and Jeff Steinborn primary campaigns.

Las Cruces, NM – Democratic House candidates Gary King and Jeff Steinborn face off in a debate discussing some of the pressing issues in New Mexico's 2nd congressional district.

Las Cruces – Senator Pete Domenici expressed worry about the recent influx of illegal immigrants in New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM – Democratic House candidates Gary King and Jeff Steinborn face off in a debate discussing some of the pressing issues in New Mexico's 2nd congressional district.

Las Cruces – Ashcroft's warning has the local police department and the border patrol taking measures to combat terrorism.

Las Cruces, NM – Nearly 200 people crowded into the First Christian Church in Las Cruces Wednesday night (May 26, 2004) to hear about the hardships gays and lesbians face when they don't have legal protection for their families, jobs or homes. Bob Mitchell reports.

Las Cruces – The State Department of Health has confirmed New Mexico's first human case of West Nile virus this year.

Las Cruces – As the Lincoln County fires blaze on, several approaches of assistance are determined. Both financial and humanitarian efforts are crucial in supporting those assosicated with the fire.

Las Cruces, NM – BLM rejects Gov's plan and opens new comment period for future of Otero Mesa.

Las Cruces, NM – The New Mexico Board of Finance has decided to approve Province Healthcare's lease to operate Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces.

Las Cruces, NM – Las Cruces city councilors heard a draft economic development plan today (May 24, 2004) that aims to increase salaries and create new jobs, but that does not provide new or extra funds. Bob Mitchell has this report...

Las Cruces, NM – An environmental group opposed to oil and gas drilling on Otero Mesa has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for withholding information. As KRWG's Katie Goetz reports, the suit follows an unfulfilled request for access to documents between agencies.

Las Cruces, NM – With the help of technology, New Mexico's hearing-impaired citizens can now communicate with hearing people, both over the telephone and online.

NM AG Patrica Madrid

Las Cruces, NM – Attorney General Patricia Madrid ruled that Governor Richardson can not use forced letters of resignation to remove University Regents.

Las Cruces, NM – More than 120 people attended a public meeting last night (Wednesday, May 5, 2004) to hear about a proposed plan to build a new T.V. tower on "A" Mountain. Bob Mitchell was there and files this report...

Las Cruces, NM – This week marks the first set of suspensions put in place- it's the first time the MVD has used this measure. Penny Rae talks to Ken Ortiz, manager of the insurance compliance section of the MVD.

Las Cruces, NM – Dona Ana County Commissioners and Las Cruces City Councilors unanimously approved a 40-year lease of Memorial Medical Center to go to Province Healthcare Corp., based in Tennessee.

Las Cruces, NM – Host Greg Bloom interviews Asst. Prof. Ohio State University Luz Calvo who wrote Let Me Stay I Wanna Watch. They discuss artist Alma Lopez and consider images of the U.S./Mexican border.

Cultural correspondent Emily Guerra interviews composer Manuel Gonzalez.

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Las Cruces, NM – Vision host Greg Bloom interviews NMSU Govt. Prof. Jason Ackleson. They discuss the role and limits of technology on the border to support trade and fight terrorism.

Cultural correspondent Emily Guerra interviews New Mexico State University ENLACE coordinator Cristobal Rodriguez on efforts to increase Latino graduation rates.

<i>On the Bloody Road to Jesus: Christianity and the Chiricahua Apaches </i>

Las Cruces, NM – Vision host Greg Bloom interviews Apache edler Kathleen Kanseah and Henrietta Stockel author of On the Bloody Road to Jesus. They discuss Apache tradition in the Southwest.
Cultural correspondent Emily Guerra interviews author of The Ancestors' Fire Karena Cuilty Oberman.

Las Cruces, NM – Concerns about Province Healthcare Corporation taking over Memorial Medical Center were voiced at a Las Cruces city council work session this afternoon. With the help of a local attorney, the consultant working with the city and Dona Ana County tried to clear up any misconceptions, mistruths or misunderstandings that have been floating around town. Bob Mitchell has this report...

Las Cruces, NM – NMDA is providing funds through one of its divisions to NM specialty crops growers.

Juarez, Chihuahua – In the last six days roughly 125-thousand dollars have gone uncollected in tolls on the Mexican side of the border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Chihuahua. As KRWG's Michael Olson reports protesters have peacefully overrun a port of entry to the Unites States .

Las Cruces, NM – Another protest was staged against the Bureau of Land Management's plan to supervise oil and gas drilling on Otero Mesa. As Katie Goetz reports, the protest morphed from theatrical production to civilized question-and-answer session.

Las Cruces, NM – In a speech to the upper chamber of Congress today (Wednesday), U.S. Senator Pete Domenici chastised critics of the Bush administration for what Domenici calls "partisan attacks" in assessing the events of September 11, 2001. Bob Mitchell reports...

Las Cruces, NM – With what feels to be a late spring in the Mesilla Valley the sounds of birds chirping is frequently accompanied by the sound of coughing and runny noses. Reporter Marco Grajeda has the story